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great site Relina ~ Mid 30’s mother to 3 boys (ages 2-8)

Check This Out I’m a foodie. I love pretty much all food (except Jell-o!). I come from a family of incredible cooks and thankfully some of that genetic skill has been passed on to me. Now I channel my cooking skills into making healthy meals. I love trying different recipes, learning about nutrition, finding time-saving cooking tips, and sharing them all with my friends!

Growing up, I was athletic and active in a variety of sports including gymnastics and softball. My Dad used to tease me that I must have a tapeworm…needless to say, portion control and discipline with food (and exercise) has never been my strength. As a small human (5’0″) now in my mid 30’s, I am learning to eat right instead of eat anything in sight. And, I am learning to love exercise because I love my body – it’s the only one I’ve got.

Thanks to my lack of discipline, I used my pregnancies as a free-for-all when it came to food. Exercise was non-existent. After each birth, I got on the diet train and feel like I have been hopping off and on for way too many years now. When did I become that yo-yo dieter?! Since I was 27 and pregnant for the first time, I’ve gained (and lost) more than 100 pounds. I’ve tried quite a few different diets including South Beach, Blood Type, Vegetarian, Vegan and Paleo.

Excuses are like forehead, everyone has one. Been there done that. I have a long list of excuses – “too busy” and “not enough time” have been my favorites. Like they say, it’s a lifestyle choice. I focus on short exercises that I can fit in. I finally realize that it’s better to miss 30 minutes of sleep than miss 30 minutes of exercise.

It has taken me a long time to get here…and I have BeachBody to thank. Being accountable to my Coach and Challenge Groups kept me on track. Becoming a Coach is how I will stay on track. No more yo-yo for me!